Denis van der Velde


Born in the year of 1969 and lived in Amstrerdam, currently residing in Lelystad, Netherlands.

Since the start of computers and midi composing, i was busy with music on a small Casio Sampling keyboard. Enjoyed that fun, so bought an Yamaha PSR home keyboard in the 80's and used an Amiga computer with a music program unkwown but was enthousiastic about it. Later on found the famous Fasttracker program and started working with samples and musical instruments. Got hold of an Korg M1 Workstation and started 2 program it, with sounds and sequences and a Korg Wavestation SR rack sampled them into fasttracker. Switched to the PC platform and started with Steinberg Cubase. Also started playing with The NiceTime Freedom Reggae Band. Got intrested in producing own recorings and learned more about recording, mixing, mastering, productions. Build up an impressive instrumental and drums sampling library. Also wrote the AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System software for Windows. Doing productions for Audio Mastering and Audio Mixing. With more then 26 years of expirience in the Audio Enginering field, you could say i have experience and being professional. Started half 2009, getting into making some EDM House and reggae music. Developed and released AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System from 2003 until now 2018 from Version 1 to Version 3 windows software. Build a Studio where there is room for colaboration and production of music and lots of learning, mastering audio and developing games. Learned in 20 years how to mix and master, while doing productions for everybody in the netherlands and abroad, on the internet. Started 2008 a new website and edited in 2018 as is. Worked as technical enigineer for Johnson Controls and Kieback & Peter.



Hardware Kitlist :

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

Korg Padcontrol
Soundblaster ZxR Soundcard and extention module
M Audio Oxigen 61 Controller Keyboard
Mackie Control Universal Pro
Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK2 DJ Controller
Yamaha MW12 Mixer
Yamaha MW10 Mixer
Rode NT2A Mic
Shure SM57 / SM58 Mic
Behringer B1 Condersor Mic
Korg DTR-2000 Rack Tuner
KRK V12S Series 2 Subwoofers
Behringer Truth Active Monitors B2031
Yamaha HS10W Subwoofer
Bose Companion 2 PC Speakers
Sony MDR-V900 Headphones
Sony MDR-V700 Headphones
Seiko Automatic ST1000 Tuner
Cremona Accoustic Guitar
Fender Squire Bass Guitar
Squire Stratocaster
Gibson Epiphone
Blessing Mouth Harmonica

Software kitlist :

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

Steinberg Cubase 9 Pro
Steinberg Wavelab 9.5 Pro
Songwriters Pad
Mixed In Key
Traktor DJ Pro
MP3 Tag
Adobe Photoshop
Abode Illustrator
Sony Vegas Video
Format Factory Convertor
Total Commander

VST Plugins :

Steinberg Halion 6
Steinberg Groove Agent 4
Steinberg Groove Agent SE 4
Steinberg Halion Sonic 3
Native Instruments Kontakt 5
Native Instruments Battery 4
Waves Audio Complete
Korg Wavestation
Korg Legacy Collection
Sonnox All Plugins
Sonnox Vocal Vox Doubler
Nugen Audio Monofilter
Nugen Audio StereoIzer
Credland Audio StereoSavage
Audiothing All Plugins
Wave Arts Trackspacer
Sound Radix SurferEQ2
Sound Radix Pi
Sound Radix Powair
Sound Radix Auto Align
Sound Radix Drum Leveler
Midi Mood Kameleono
Squareheads Nora
Obelisk Midi
AutoTheory PRO
Audiority Side Filter
Soundspot All Plugins
Air Music Technology Hybrid3
Scaler Plugin Boutique
Kirnu Interactive Cream MIDI
BigKick Plugin Boutique
Roland sound canvas VA
Valhalla All Plugins
XFer Records Cthulhu
Audio Damage EOS2

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