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    This website is about Denis van der Velde (Sined), creator of AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System.
    Audio Mastering Engineer and Mixing Engineer. Arts and Paintings and Games Developper. 

    Also creating and supporting music and audio under Sined Studio, releasing Tracks on this homepage and creating developing Games.
    There is one rule that thrives the music - The Dancing Aspect - getting people to move physically and mentally. 
    The Spirit of Dance Music. Orientated on Sequencing, Sampling, the styles will be mainly EDM House for Sined related tracks
    For the Alien Dub Force mainly Reggae. But other styles will be available on this website.
    Appearance of full tracks or snippets are to be expected and to be growing over here.

  • AAMS


    Welcome to AAMS, the introduction towards Automatic Audio Mastering!

    AAMS is windows software for Fully Automatic Audio Mastering.

    As a musician or engineer working on music, you need the best sound possible when releasing material to the public. To audio master a mix towards a professional commercial quality recording and to create a sound for all audio speaker systems is a difficult and time consuming task.
    This is where AAMS steps in and takes control!

    Get your music to sound good without a hassle! Featuring 100 Band Equalizer, 8 Multiband Compression, Balancing and Loudness settings for internal DSP Processing with all audio corrections automaticly done purely inside the AAMS Program. Also AAMS installs a Reference Database of 200 Musical styles. Creating your own personal sound! Making the mastering process easy and less time consuming, having a good overall commercial sound quality, to process your Mix to a commercial great sounding Master.

    Now you can listen to what you expect!


  • Aplus


    Welcome to APlus Audio Mastering Services!

    High quality audio mastering services with low prices.

    We maximize your audio material to clear crisp audio mastered versions. Giving detail, clarity, definition, warm low end punch, stereo depth and prisitine sound using Analog and Digital equipment. Audio Mastering is most important part of the audio chain and we give your sound high definition and clarity. Every single track and every song of your album collection wil sound complete next to each other, with taking care from start to end. Ready for distribution and radio. That is what Aplus Audio Mastering Services stands for, excellence! Your audio material or mixes will become an adequate to commercial radio, CD or MP4/MP3 streaming services, just to fit in correctly. We do not attend the Loudness War, you need appropiate levels and professional quality!

    Aplus Mastering will make single tracks or songs stand out in excellence.
    Aplus Mastering will make your whole Album Sound perfect and give it togetherness. 
    Aplus Mastering will create a professional sound for all of you.

    We make your music shine!

  • Unity


    Welcome to a vibrant community creating the games they love on the platforms they choose, connecting with their audience, and achieving success. Welcome to Unity.

    You can create any 2D or 3D game with Unity. You can make it with ease, you can make it highly-optimized and beautiful, and you can deploy it with a click to more platforms than you have fingers and toes. What’s more, you can use Unity’s integrated services to speed up your development process, optimize your game, connect with an audience, and achieve success.

    Game Creation.
     In 2017 we will develop some games for Android. 

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    Sined Supplies Inc.


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    Sined Supplies Inc.

    AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

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